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At Force Hydraulics, we have built an excellent reputation on being an affordable machine shop that is able to repair pumps, valves, cylinders and motors of various make and model.
We can also source any product, including the hard to find hydraulic components; over the years of research we established a long list of valuable sources to help us locate even old an in some case obsolete units, this also includes providing replacements for proprietary units that many manufacturers may no longer have in stock!

At Force Hydraulic we stock an excessive range of Height and Slew Restrictors aka limiters.

Slew restrictors or limiting systems is used mainly on excavators and cranes, its job is a simple yet very cost effective solution that is designed to provide proven safety and to prevent machine damage whilst operating in restricted area or confined space.

Benefits of Slew Restrictors is

    ⛔️ Fast and Easy way to set both left and right slew restrictors allowing restricted control over the selected area your working in.
    ⛔️ Fully controlled from the operation station
    ⛔️ Once the left or right slew restrictor set the machine will cut out which prevents it from going outside the excluded area.
    ⛔️ Cost Effective and efficient
    ⛔️ Provides excellent safety measures on any workplace site

    At Force Hydraulics we know you have a numerous options when it comes to who to call when you a product or item sourced or repaired, that is what continues to drive us to be the best. So, we now invite you to contact us directly or request a quote today!